I get my living from coding, I guess that makes me a coder. Currently I work as a J2EE expert. As a hobby, I code audio processing related software: plugins and small utilities. To sum up my knowledge, here are a few acronyms, technologies and systems I've used: Java, C/C++, VB, J2EE, DNA, HTML, JSP, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, DHTML, Perl, XML, XSLT, UML, SQL, Win XP/2000/NT4, Linux, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server 7/2000, MySQL, IBM Websphere, IronFlare Orion, MS IIS, Apache HTTP server, Apache Tomcat.

Buzz plugins

I've done realtime digital audio signal processing plugins for a program by Oskari Tammelin called Buzz. You can get the latest ones from or from my Buzz directory.

Buzz fixkit

Buzz fixkit is a program to fix common problems with Buzz and it's also able to install things required by Buzz. You can also use it to run Buzz directly from CD. There's a permanent url for it and it's

Asio control panel

A simple tool that launches Asio driver's control panel and display some information about the available asio cards. Command line usage knowledge required.

Java PortMapper

A simple portmapper made in java. Allows you to map a port on host so connections to it will connect to another host. Useful for routing tcp/ip connections. PortMapper.rar

562 chars long Minesweeper

The sourcecode for this Minesweeper clone is 562 characters long. It's a java applet that should run in any java enabled browser.