my relationship with music

I bought my first records when I was 7, three records from KISS. Since then I've sold those records and my taste has gotten more electronic. I listen mostly to "cheese free" electronic music ("cheese free" as in something which tries to break away from the norm instead of using old proven formulas). To me, most commercial music sounds very cold and calculated, like its creators were making compromises instead of trying to create something new.

things I've done for electronic music

  1. Helped to organize events in a few different organizations, like the Entropy. [pic]
  2. Was on national morning TV representing a drug free way of enjoying electronic music.
  3. Hosted a radio show for over a year.

producing - process of creating art(?)

Currently you can download music I've made from

djing - the art(?) of playing someone else's music

I've been a dj since 1996. I've played in underground parties, overground clubs, street parties, on ferries, in Finland and abroad. The best gig ever was the gig right after dusk, at a beach by the lake Näsi at the after party for Tampere's first Street Party playing techno. Darkness fell and the beach was filled with dancing people lit by a single strobe light. [picture from Entropy's 7th birthday party]

dj mixes

  • entropy - mythology: mix cd made with dj static
  • uni & valve [pic]

future gigs

 At the moment none, but if you need a chillout dj do contact me =)

past gigs

Entropy's events: UV:UG, bunkaku, Assembly '04 tekkkno party, Corrosive, E10V, Assembly '03 tekkkno party, Elements: Fire, Taikatalvi, Trance Gallery, Aamupala, Super Bun.ka (III), Beatformers vs Entropy, D-Base II, S-Urge, HC/WC, Mesikämmen, Oobe, [bun.ka], Häiriö, Ankh, Bounce, Flora vs Becel, Merita, Amazone, Oblast, K-Rauta, G-Rave, Jäätelökesä, Tuho
Radio Entropy's host in 1998 and 1999.
Gloria: Alt Party Inc
Street Parties II, IV, V and IIX
Nosturi: a few chillout sets so far
Pillusion Last party in Lepakko (trance hits what else ;)
Tuho Last Illusion party in Entropy's on room (Tallibaari)
Sub Trance (b2b w/ static)
Illusion 2 year party
Flop kevät 97 dj #2 - Expand your limits!
Bassment (warming up)
Botta: couple of times warming up the The Club in the summer of '97
Ilomantsi: Fiktio's parties Ultrasonic and Positroni
Lappeenranta: Cyber parties Cyber-y-house and SavuhälYtin
Kotka: Off Ground and 1 other party
Kouvola: Dimension K
Oranssi: Livesession
Salo: Club Fantasy opening (surprise b2b set with static)

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